About Us

Our Focus

Providing our clients with PR, Management, and Brand Development services to create authentic brand visibility & growth.

Why Us?

Unmatched dedication and commitment to our clients. We deliver a family connection with our clients all while maintaining high levels of professionalism and results.

Our Story

Founded in 2018 by Fatimah Austin Hunter. Inspired by her college music business professor at her Alma Mater Agnes Scott, Fatimah pursued a career in the music and entertainment industry after graduation in 2016 filled with passion, hard work, and divine timing. Since then Fatimah has been paving her way in the music & entertainment industry through her work with rapper and producer Mvstermind as his manager, and as of more recently with her work as a publicist, and manager to social media influencers and brands. Some of Fatimah's achievements include getting her independent music client Mvstermind a shoe collaboration deal with Dr. Scholl's, getting her first ever PR client featured by Teen Vogue, and landing influencer Client a partnership with Rent the Runway. 

Brands we've worked with:


Meet our Summer Interns:

Dylan Kemp


Marketing & Events + Social Media Intern

Collin Hargrow


Account Executive Intern